Brand awareness and positioning campaign for the leading French jewelry brands.
BeCentric plans communications campaigns to raise awareness about the brand’s products other than the world-famous Faberge eggs.


Off-beat PR campaigns to position the leading South Korean cosmetology brand among Ukrainian cosmetologists.
Positioning of injection-cosmetology solutions as a life style and fashion trend in Ukraine.

European Economic Senate

PR campaigning to recruit reputed senators from Ukraine. Promoting the image of the European Economic Senate and building the brand of individual senators.


Full-blown media campaign to attract top IT talent to Upwork freelance platform, explain the recent rebranding and communicate the brand’s value proposition in Ukraine.


Media campaigns to communicate the brand’s relevance to Gen X audiences.


BeCentric plans and executes a full-blown communications campaign to raise awareness of the new brand.

Redcliffe Partners

BeCentric develops a communications strategy to position a new compliance practice of the firm.

No. 1 law firm in Kyrgyz Republic


BeCentric plans and executes a high-end event marketing campaign to support decentralization reform in Ukraine.

Economy Talks and the Government of Georgia

BeCentric develops concept and conducts a massive investment promotion event in Batumi region.


BeCentric launches a communications strategy to build public awareness and promote jury service in Ukraine.

The High Council of Justice of Ukraine

BeCentric develops a communications strategy to restore public trust in the judiciary system.

An International provider of cloud computing services

BeCentric plans a full-blown GR campaign to foster the adoption of national legislating which enables state authorities to use cloud computing.

Ministry of Food and Agrarian Policy

BeCentric plans GR efforts to support the adoption of legislation on labelling organic products.

International Commercial Arbitration Court

ICAC’s first ever communications campaign to reposition the institution. ICAC moves from being perceived as an outdated punitory institution to becoming an effective and comfortable dispute resolution service to business.

Government of Ukraine

BeCentric develops powerful messages and communications to shape public opinion on a highly sensitive issue of agricultural land market.


Positioning of a bankruptcy boutique consultancy.
BeCentric launches the business’ new brand and plans off-beat advertising campaigns.

Redcliffe Partners

BeCentric develops strategy to position a new business in Ukraine, that is a spin-off of a leading international consulting brand Clifford Chance.

No. 1 law firm in Kyrgyz Republic

BeCentric presents an internationally-minded new identity of the leading Kyrgyz law firm, that works on 90% of all foreign investment projects in Kyrgyz Republic.
The firm’s restyled brand acknowledges the business’ cultural identity but also the ...

Mazalov & Partners

BeCentric creates a powerful individual lawyer’s brand and visual identity.

Family Real Estate

BeCentirc launches a new international residential real estate brand. Naming, branding and marketing concept that offers customers privacy and tranquility in astonishing holiday homes.


PR campaigns and franchise strategy for Ukraine’s first fine jewelry brand.

*на замовлення ювелірної компанії Zarina

The World Bank Group in Ukraine

Branding the WB special Land Transparency initiative.
BeCentric creates branding to foster transparent land market in Ukraine that would enable millions of Ukrainians to sell and buy agricultural lands freely.

REVITA Manufacture

Best Stand Prize of KiFF 2018 International Furniture Exibition
BeCentric presents new branding of a furniture components manufacturer.

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Unicase Kazakhstan

BeCentric launches a new brand in Kazakhstani legal market.

International Commercial Arbitration Court

ICAC’s first ever rebranding campaign that repositions the institution. ICAC moves from being perceived as an outdated punitory institution to becoming an effective and comfortable dispute resolution service to business.
BeCentric does branding and ...

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Focus-group new product study in Ukraine, Upwork’s 4th largest freelance market in the world.
BeCentric leads focus-group discussions and high-end one-to-one meetings to draw a meaningful summary on the prospects on the new product.


Foot trafficking Gen X to Montblanc Kyiv boutique, who do not perceive luxury as a cult at times of a military conflict and political turmoil in the country.
BeCentric develops a brand repositioning marketing strategy and dives deep into customer ...

Lucky LOOK

Debut of Ukraine’s very first fashion accessories store chain – a one-stop shop for mesmerizing colours, patterns and textures that put a finishing touch on every look.
BeCentric creates the brand and marketing concept.